Meet ‘American Idol’ hopeful Ashley Lilinoe from Kaneohe

21-year-old Ashley Lilinoe from Kaneohe is headed to compete in American Idol as auditions continue around the country in search of the Farewell Season’s winner.

Lilinoe auditioned in Denver last summer, and while she couldn’t talk about the judges’ reaction to her singing during Wake Up 2day, she can say she thought they were all great. She especially felt a connection with J-Lo.

On the Jan. 14 episode of Idol, the nation found out together that Lilinoe will be moving on in the show. She received a golden ticket to Hollywood after singing ‘Black Velvet.’

However, it wasn’t unanimous as J-Lo said no. Contestants just need two votes to move on at this point in the competition.

When asked about her genre or style of music, Lilinoe said “soul filling, just love.” She says Kalapana is one of her influences and “Mackey Feary just… He just sits in my heart so beautifully.”

Watch Lilinoe Friday morning on Living 808 starting at 8:00 a.m. where she will get to talk more about her experiences on American Idol and the next steps for her in the show.

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