Huy Fong Foods Sriracha now in to-go packets

Are you a Sriracha fan? Ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had Sriracha right now?”

You’re in luck. Today, Sriracha2Go announced that they are launching Huy Fong Sriracha in packets just like your other favorite condiments.

“After enduring one-too-many sriracha-less meals, we vowed to solve the problem, for ourselves and for sriracha-lovers worldwide, once and for all. It became our mission to help others live their spiciest lives.” – Sriracha2Go

According to the company’s blog, they established a partnership with Huy Fong Foods and has since become a Mark Cuban company in 2015.

The company sells the packets on their website,,  and expect to have them available at “restaurants, fast food chains, stadiums, campuses and more to come throughout the year.”

“We believe that Sriracha should be as readily accessible as all other core condiments… if not MORE so! We started that mission by introducing Sriracha2Go in October 2014 and are taking it to a new level by distributing packets far and wide.” – Sriracha2Go

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