Largest training exercise on Oahu to get underway at Schofield Barracks

Expect traffic and noise to continue around Schofield Barracks for the next several weeks.

All units under the 25th Infantry Division, including Second Brigade Combat Team and various support units, are in the middle of Exercise Lightning Forge, the largest training exercise on Oahu.

It starts on Jan. 31 and runs through Feb. 8.

This drill simulates a troop deployment to anywhere in the world. Soldiers practice specific tasks as well as general field operations like establishing a unit area, operating a vehicle on a convoy, and establishing host communications.

Brig. Gen. Patrick Matlock, Division Deputy Commanding General for Support, says this is necessary because soldiers practice how to plan and execute better, so it can be done more quickly in an actual deployment.

All military training areas will be utilized during the two weeks of training, and officials say nearby civilians will encounter loud noises and traffic disruptions.

Matlock appeared on Wake Up 2Day Thursday morning.

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