SEARCH Hawaii visits Molokai

Chef Mike Lofaro and Kainoa Horcajo search the island that is like home for Kainoa – where his father was raised and where Kainoa often visited.

On Moloka’i, they search Halawa Valley with the Solatario ‘ohana. The Solatario’s have lived here for dozens of generations and now Pilipo and his son Greg are the caretakers.

Greg brings Mike and Kainia foraging for  the mushroom pepeiao, they finally get to go prawning and they catch a Hawaiian delicacy ‘ o’opu in the stream – ‘o’opu a size that are rarely seen.

Then they meet up with legendary fisherman Mac Poepoe on the other side of the island. Mac was born and raised at Mo’omomi and is now the caretaker. He shares his efforts to get people back to pono fishing habits.

While they talk, Mac’s protege walks back with a net teeming with fish for dinner and to barter with the organic farm ‘Aina Pulapula.

Back in the kitchen Chef Mike feels the pressure to please these men who know so much and who’ve shared so much. He makes a unique style of lawalu, cooks in his idea of a hibachi imu and creates a fish dish with a name Kainoa can’t wait to hear him attempt to say.

Find out if Mike could indeed say it and if he managed to impress the impressive.  Enjoy!

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