SEARCH Hawaii visits Oahu

Chef Mike Lofaro and Kainoa Horcajo meet with Kaipo Helekahi in He`eia Valley to understand what is happening in the valley at this time of the moon phase.

One of the first ulu (breadfruit) trees in Hawaii was planted in He`eia, and it is abundant there. Kainoa climbs a tree to pick the ulu.

They also visit the lo`i (taro patches) from pre-contact era that is being restored by school groups and the community today through the non-profit Papahana Kuaola.

Their next adventure finds Chef Mike and Kainoa in Moli`i Fish Ponds at Kualoa Ranch with the Oyster Maiden Kuuipo McCarty. The pond is 84 acres and the largest continuously operating fish pond in use in Hawaii, and Kualoa Ranch has started a successful new seafood venture.

Getting on the ocean, Chef Mike and Kainoa then paddle into Maunalua Bay to meet with Chris Cramer of Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center and learn about the invasive gorilla ogo (gracilaria salicornia) and his work to revitalize the native limu in the bay.

They bring their finds to a family home in Niu Valley where Chef Mike demonstrates three of the recipes using the ingredients and makes a dinner for their new friends.

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