Thousands attend Blaisdell job fair, despite Hawaii’s low unemployment

Despite Hawaii’s low unemployment rate (3.2 percent in December 2015), thousands of job seekers packed the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall Wednesday.

More than 5,300 people showed up for Wednesday’s Job Quest job fair.

“For attendees, they’re feeling like the economy is more stable and they can maybe look for a new job, something with more money or more opportunity, or a better commute, a flexible schedule,” said Beth Busch, Job Quest executive director.

This particular job fair is held several times a year, but Wednesday’s event featured a record 300-plus employers from a variety of industries, including banks, hotels, and health care companies.

Pearl Harbor’s Naval Shipyard had hundreds of openings.

Public affairs officer Sean Hughes said many people are retiring, so the shipyard is looking to fill positions vacated by employees who have been working there for decades.

“We get thousands of people who apply for jobs each year,” he said. “This year, we’re hiring 548 positions. That includes trades, production-type positions, engineers and a variety of other jobs too.”

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All new hires must be 18 or older, U.S. citizens, and eligible to get and maintain a security clearance.

You can find and apply for federal jobs online here.

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