SHOPO weighs in on officer misconduct report

The union that represents police officers is praising HPD’s recent misconduct and disciplinary action.

By law, HPD must send its annual report to the legislature.

KHON2 learned on Monday 58 officers were disciplined. That’s up from 39 the year before.

The department recommended 17 officers be discharged last year. That is up from three the year before.

SHOPO says this shows that the department and its chief are doing their jobs.

“Without a doubt we shall be held to a higher standard so these officers are being disciplined. So there’s no cover up of such and again to your point here. It’s just a minute (amount) of the entire department. The great percentage that are still there work. And again these officers who make these mistakes, albeit small or grave, they’re being punished accordingly according to what the law calls for as well as the department’s rules and regs,” said SHOPO Union President Tenari Maafala.

Senator Will Espero told KHON2 on Monday he wants more transparency, and thinks the reports should include the names of the officers as well.

Maafala says that’s still being decided in the state supreme court.


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