Victorino happy to have his back ‘against the wall’

Shane Victorino

Although Saint Anthony graduate Shane Victorino is reaching the twilight of his Major League Baseball career at age 35, the Wailuku native is enjoying what could potentially be his last free agency.

“I think it’s a little bit of everything,” Victorino said. “I think it’s a bundle, a basket of things that you sit there and go ‘what could be,’ but having confidence in working hard.”

Victorino struggled with nagging hamstring injuries in 2015, playing less than 80 games for the second straight season.

“I’ve always been a competitor. When my back’s been against the wall, my whole life that’s when I’ve always performed and always been my best, and I feel like it’s close to that time,” he said.

While meticulously working out at Les Murakami Stadium on Oahu Tuesday, Victorino looked to be back to full health.

“I came out here on the field, a field that back in 1999 I remember agreeing to a scholarship, to look around this field and skipping that opportunity to play on the field, but to go on and to do the things that I’ve been able to do in the game of baseball. That’s the kind of stuff I’ll always think about,” he said.

Now, just 21 days away from MLB’s Spring Training reporting date, the two-time All-Star outfielder is confident he still has plenty of gas in the tank.

“I’m motivated more than ever. I’m ready to work hard and I’m not worried. The opportunity will come,” he said.

Following Tuesday’s workout, Victorino headed back to his home in Las Vegas.

This week he is scheduled to meet with an unnamed club.

Spring Training opens on Feb. 23.

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