Honolulu’s Bennett says retiring Seahawk Lynch is a ‘Hall of Famer’

Michael Bennett

The agent for Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch has confirmed that his client intends to retire from football. Doug Hendrickson confirmed his client’s plans to The Associated Press.

Lynch had indicated as much Sunday night by tweeting a picture with a pair of cleats hanging from a power or telephone line, along with an emoji depicting a peace sign.

Monday morning at the Hawaii Optimum Performance facility in Waipio, Lynch’s Seahawks teammate, Honolulu’s Michael Bennett spoke with KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello, praising the running back for his accomplishments both on and off of the field.

“Marshawn Lynch is a Hall of Famer. Obviously the way he plays the game, the things he does for our team, and the things he does for the community. I think people only see what he did on the field, but nobody realized what he did outside of the community, things he did from his camp to the schools that he is building and just giving back so much. That’s what I really respect about him, is his ability to love his culture and do things that he does,” said Bennett.

Marshawn Lynch // Associated Press
Marshawn Lynch // Associated Press

Lynch won a Super Bowl with Seattle and played nine seasons in the NFL. Six of those came in Seattle, where he played in the postseason five times. He’s second all-time in Seattle history in rushing touchdowns and fourth in yards rushing. He tied for the NFL lead in rushing touchdowns in 2013 and 2014 and is No. 8 all-time in total yards rushing during the postseason. He was an All-Pro, a Pro Bowl selection and perhaps the most revered Seahawks player in the opinion of their fans.

His career rushing numbers end at 9,112 yards and 74 touchdowns.

Bennett, a Pro Bowl defensive lineman, who resides in Hawaii Kai during the off-season, started The Bennett Foundation with the goal of raising awareness about childhood obesity and providing communities with educational opportunities to learn how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

On April 23, the Bennett Foundation will host the 4th annual Free OCEAN Health Fest at the Kroc Center in Kapolei.

OCEAN is an acronym for the foundation’s mission of Fighting Obesity through Community, Education, Activity and Nutrition. The objective of the OCEAN Health Fest is to educate the community on healthy food choices, provide affordable alternatives to cooking at home and promote physical fitness as a family.

Registration will open soon, and will be available at the The Bennett Foundation’s website.

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