Volunteers reach out to help homeless, those in need in Wahiawa

A group of people in Wahiawa dedicated their afternoon by helping the homeless on this Sunday Valentine’s Day and making sure they get the help they need.

Volunteers with the group Alea Bridge was behind the effort at Wahiawa District Park and they offered free clothes, food and support for the nearly 100 that showed, both homeless and people in need in that area.

They also went to the Karston Thot Bridge to talk to the dozens of people living near there and to offer support for anyone who needs it.

wahiawa homeless karsten thot bridge

Executive Director Joseph Acosta said he believes there are approximately 175 people living under the bridge and an additional 30 to 50 homeless people within the Wahiawa area.

He said some have jobs, but nowhere to live. “A lot of them just need the extra push, the extra motivation,” Acosta said. “They need someone to believe in them and that’s what we are looking to do for them.”

KHON2 spoke to a woman who has been homeless for seven years. She said need help “getting my ID and my birth certificate, getting sober.

“The homeless part, it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as my addiction.”

When asked if she thinks she could overcome that with a little bit of help, she said “I think so. I hoping that I can because I just had a baby two months ago, but I had to give my parents volunteer foster custody, because I tested positive (for crystal meth), me and my baby tested positive.”

Acosta said they have set up files for nearly 50 people and plan to follow up to help however they can. With Alea Bridge’s focus on Wahiawa right now, the organization hopes to expand statewide.

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