Don Robbs optimistic about his final season as voice of the ‘Bows

Don Robbs

This summer, the radio waves from legendary University of Hawaii baseball announcer Don Robbs will reach shore.

Robbs will retire following the 2016 season, marking his 40th campaign as play-by-play man of the Rainbows his last.

“I have mixed feelings about the fact that the end is in sight, but baseball people are the most optimistic people in the world,” Robbs said. “On opening night or the beginning of your home schedule, as is the case this year, you have to be optimistic. So I’m looking forward to the season as I always do.”

The 79-year-old’s career calling Rainbow games began at Honolulu Stadium in 1977. The journey to Manoa in 1984 would take him to become one of the most revered broadcasters in state history.

“I never imagined that it would have this kind of longevity,” Robbs said. “I think the basic thing for me all these years is that I love baseball. I loved it since I played it as a kid and I still love it as much today. I can never get tired of watching baseball.”

Robbs will hope to work with most of his past broadcast partners to celebrate his final campaign, as well as hold special segments to celebrate great moments and players in the program’s history.

Hawaii will open their home schedule Friday at 6:35 p.m. at Les Murakami Stadium. You can hear Robbs’ broadcasts on the radio on ESPN 1420 AM and via live stream.

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