Repaving project resumes on Beretania St. despite shallow utility lines

Beretania Street

The city has resumed a project to repave S. Beretania Street.

Work will run from University Avenue to Alapai Street and is expected to take four months to complete.

The project was put on hold last year after shallow, undocumented utility lines were found under the old asphalt, which prevented full-depth reconstruction

Now the city is taking a different approach.

‘We asked (the contractor), can we look at another way? So what we’re doing here now is, instead of full-depth reconstruction, what we call mill-and-fill, going down maybe three inches and repaving the road,” explained Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “It’ll give us maybe five years more to the life of this road, giving us time to relocate those utilities, then we’ll come back with full depth.”

The “mill-and-fill” approach will cost the city $8.4 million, which is about a million dollars less than full-depth repaving.

Robert Kroning, Department of Design and Construction director, said the savings aren’t higher “because we’ve inconvenienced the contractor, we have to compensate them for some of the things that they do, such as they had to mobilize and they had to get set up, and then we told them to stop. So there’s some additional costs there that will then bring it back to the million.”

City contractor Road and Highway Builders will be on site weekdays, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., with some weekend work as well.

Photos: Road and Highway Builders
Photos: Road and Highway Builders

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