‘The Eddie’ anticipation builds for Hawaii surfer Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold

For the second time this month, the surfing world will go to sleep in anticipation of the bay calling the day.

The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau is considered the most prestigious big-wave surfing contest in the world.

“The Eddie” has been held just eight times in 31 years with the most recent run in 2009.

Haleiwa’s own Aaron Gold is among the 28 surfers set to take part in the charge.

The Hilo native is coming off another high. Two months ago, he slayed an absolute monster at Maui’s Peahi surf break, also known as Jaws.

KHON2’s Rob DeMello caught up with him the day before what could possibly be another historic day in Waimea.

Gold: There’s just anticipation going on. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t get so nervous and so revved up over it. I kind of wait and see what happens in the morning, but the excitement is there. I can’t wait to get there and stand on the beach and see what’s going on and go okay, it’s bombing. It’s big. It’s going. Conditions are good. Is it unruly? What’s it going to be? Every time is a new thing and every time you go, it’s exciting, and I’m just thankful to get to go there and see it tomorrow. I can’t wait.

KHON2: There are so many accolades that you can pick up as a big wave surfer. Is ‘Eddie’ champion the holy grail? Is there nothing bigger in your eyes?

Gold: Yeah, for sure. Still. This is the dream as a kid growing up here, especially from Hawaii and watching the guys ahead of me and people from the Big Island and places such as Noah Johnson, guys that I looked up to growing up, Shane Dorian, these are guys that I knew from small-kid time and looked up to and now to be a part of that and be there, it’s the ultimate.

KHON2: One of the icons of this event, Brock Little, passed away last week. If this does go tomorrow morning, how fitting will it be for you guys to be out there? To honor Eddie and, at the same time, honor Brock?

Gold: Yeah, I mean, I got chicken skin when you said that. It’s not just about the surfing. There’s a lot more tied to it. The history and the soul of what it is and so they’ll be there with us and I know that they’ll be stoked. Brock was in the ’90 Eddie where he got his huge wave and this could be potentially that huge and I know that he would be stoked and be revved to watch it. He was stoked just to watch the last big swells roll in and pound the bay. That’s what it’s all about, so we’re stoked to be able to go out there and just give them a little bit of a shout-out and have fun for them.

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