City crews begin installation of synthetic turf around the island

Because the city has dealt with a shortage of maintenance workers in recent months, it has taken a new initiative to help keep Oahu’s grass looking a little more “well-kept” by installing synthetic turf.

Crews began the installations at nine different sites around the island.

They’ll be put in certain street medians, bulb-outs and turnarounds that are difficult for city crews to reach and do not see a lot of foot traffic.

Officials also hope the grass will help keep drivers and kids safer because cars sometimes have a hard time seeing children when the real grass grows too long.

“I think the main area is around schools,” said Zachary Debruyne, VP of sales for NyLawn. “The line of sight, with kids crossing, would be very important, as well as any areas that have deteriorated so much that when crews do weed-whack, they hit rocks that hit passing cars.”

The synthetic turf is supposed to last for about 10 to 12 years and is also built to prevent water runoff.

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