Love Your Pet: Different kinds of animals can be happy in the same household

Can cats live peacefully with dogs on the same household? What about birds and cats?


In this Love Your Pet, Cristina Miliaresis, veterinarian and owner of Surf Paws Animal Hospital talks about how your pets can get along no matter what species, for instance, cats can live with dogs!


Dr. Milaresis brought Mikey, an Eclectus parrot, on Wake Up 2day to prove her point. “Mikey lives with four dogs and another bird. I have many clients with dogs and cats that are the best of friends. As long as you socialize the pets together, there’s no reason why different kinds of animals can’t be happy in the same household,” she says.


She also teaches us a little bit more about Eclectus parrots, which are natives of the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and the islands around there. They also are unusual because the males and females are different colors.


They are among the top three parrots for talking ability. Their average life span is between 50 to 75 years.

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