Celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day

AP Photo

The Oreo cookie brand has been on a roll so far this year, and the celebration of the popular snack continues Sunday with National Oreo Cookie Day.

Oreos were first introduced in the U.S. in 1912. Since its inception of the white creme-filled cookie, it continues to go through various size and flavor changes to keep its regular snackers engaged.

On store shelves, you can find a “golden” variant, double- or mega-stuffed, mini-versions that you eat by the handful, and flavors like mint, lemon, berry, peanut butter, birthday cake and key lime pie.

In January, the brand reintroduced red velvet and brought out a newly anticipated cinnamon buns flavor. And in early February, here came a filled cupcake flavor, where consumers were urged to “twist & lick.”

The brand even introduced a more adult, “sophisticated” Oreo Thins last year.

But beware! — however way you prefer to eat your Oreo, you also may be an Oreo “addict.” A 2013 research study from Connecticut College showed consumption of the cookies activated more neurons in the brain’s “pleasure center” of lab rats than drugs like cocaine.

“These findings suggest that high fat/sugar foods and drugs of abuse trigger brain addictive processes to the same degree and lend support to the hypothesis that maladaptive eating behaviors contributing to obesity can be compared to drug addiction,” said a statement describing the study.

So enjoy your Oreo today, with or without milk … and in moderation.

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