Kahaluu residents take matters into own hands to temporarily repair crumbling Mapele Road

After months without action to fix a collapsed road, a Kahaluu neighborhood is taking matters into its own hands.

Heavy rains in November caused a chunk of Mapele Road to collapse. The road is privately owned, and the city says it’s not responsible for maintaining it.

Four months later, Kahaluu residents decided to repair the road themselves.

“They’ve stabilized it pretty good. Done a good job, temporarily,” said Mapele Road resident Mitchel Au.

Kahaluu residents formed a committee, to create an emergency contact system in the neighborhood.

“If the road collapses again, we might have a way to help people get out and get in,” said Teresa Vast, with the Mapele Road Collapse Steering Committee.

Vast is researching ownership of Mapele Road and updating residents on road repair efforts.

The city suspended trash pickup, but it added dumpsters at nearby Kahaluu Regional Park.

“I just got threw emptying my can today. Twice a week I’ll empty it. I live with it. What can you do? Just have to make the best of it,” said Au.

To help bring back these services, community volunteers will repair the road.

We also learned piles of asphalt were donated from contractors with the city, as well as City Councilmember Ernie Martin’s office, to help with the repair process.

“We’re excited we have the materials, finally, to get started on the project. The road collapsed in November. It’s been a long time,” said Vast.

The steering committee said it also reached out to the governor for help, but was shot down.

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