Bikeshare cyclist comes out victorious against triathlete runner in Tantalus Time Trial race

It was a man-powered bike versus manpower alone, and the underdog won, that being the ride-share bike.

Competitive road racer Sau Hsu came up with the idea to ride a Bikeshare Hawaii bike for the annual Tantalus Time Trial race.

The bike, which is made for short commuting trips, according to CEO Lori McCarney, claimed victory against competitor Lectie Altman, a triathlete runner who was challenged Hsu.

The rivalry began weeks ago following Hsu’s request to borrow the Bikeshare Hawaii bike, thinking it would be a fun experience for both the runner and cylist.

Up until the race started on Makiki Heights Drive at 7 a.m. Sunday, everyone, including the bicyclist thought Altman would win the race between the two, which was more than four miles uphill.

“I don’t even know, I puked at the top so,” explained Hsu following his victory. “All I was doing was going as fast as I could until it ended.”

“When we kind of started, I thought it was going to be closer than it was, but he kind of took off and I was like ‘noooo,'” described Altman. “But, super fun to have that experience and to race and help support Bikeshare for Lori.”

Hsu won by just three minutes.

But for Altman, it was a rewarding experience saying that was the fastest she’s ever run up Tantalus.

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