Maui man airlifted after fall from shoreline cliff

Paia firefighters responded to a person that reportedly fell from a shoreline cliff about a mile east of Hookipa Beach Park, just before Maliko Gulch, Friday, April 1.

Firefighters arrived a little after 5:30 p.m. and spoke to the caller, who was also the victim’s friend. He said his friend was last seen 30 minutes earlier near the cliff edge but could not be found.

The Paia crew hiked down the cliff and located the 37-year-old male Maui resident lying at the bottom of a 75-foot cliff. The man appeared to have sustained serious injuries from a fall, and was conscious and talking, but the man was uncooperative with rescuers’ attempts to treat and move him to safety.

The man was eventually airlifted out by the fire department’s Air 1 helicopter to paramedics waiting in a nearby pasture.

He was transported in serious condition to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

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