Drivers frustrated with months-long wait at the DMV

It can be frustrating if you’ve tried to sign up for a road test online lately.

“My student was explaining to me that the earliest appointment she could get in Waianae was June 19th,” said driving instructor, Steven Wong

That means some people have to wait months to book an appointment online.

“We have made a lot of improvements over the last year and for a variety of reasons have been able to increase the road tests we perform,” said Department of Customer Services Director Sheri Kajiwara.

In 2014 the DMV gave more than 32,000 road tests and in 2015 that number increased to more than 41,000. But still it can be a challenge signing up online, that’s why city officials say the best thing to do is just keep checking each day.

On Wednesday KHON2 checked the website and found no openings until June 20. On Thursday we checked back and found a few openings this week.

“This morning here alone we released 40 slots or appointments and what happened was they were eaten up in a matter of hours,” said licensing administrator Galen Onouye.

“If you don’t find what you want go back in a couple of days and most likely you will find a time,” said Kajiwara.

You can also try a walk in. That is what Shena Jane Edrade did and was able to take her road test within the hour.

“I filled out the form in here and I stood in line and it didn’t take that long,” said Edrade.

The city says they are also adding 15 new positions to help.

KHON2 wanted to know if allowing driving schools to give the tests could help speed up the process and cut back on wait times. Steven Wong who is a driving instructor said yes. “Oh yea definitely it would help out greatly it is just more people able to go through the system,” said Wong.

“We have had several discussions as I said when we first came we tried to look at all the options and how other states run their road tests,” said Onouye.

The Dillingham DMV will be closing soon, but the new Iwilei location will open soon after.

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