Jasmine Trias reveals favorite moments from ‘American Idol’ series finale

Photos courtesy Jasmine Trias (@JasmineTrias)

America has its final American Idol.

Trent Harmon beat La’Porsha Renae to win the show’s 15th and final season.

Dozens of stars turned out to celebrate the series finale, and there was even a surprise taped message by President Barack Obama.

Another Hawaii native also made an appearance: Jasmine Trias. She spoke to us from Los Angeles after the broadcast.

“I was able to be part of opening number with past Idol finalists and there were about 60 of us onstage, so it was a very poignant moment and it just basically opened the show and set the precedent for an amazing show,” she said. “It was definitely mixed emotions. Fifteen seasons on and gosh, it lasted so long. It feels like one big family, you know. It’s definitely bittersweet. It’s sad that it’s coming to an end. I still can’t believe it’s actually done, it’s so weird.”

Trias revealed the chaos at rehearsals, on the red carpet and backstage, and described the finale as an “end to something amazing and incredible that changed so many people’s lives.”

She also shared one of her favorite moments: the return of Simon Cowell, who joined fellow original judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson for one last goodbye.

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