Man ordered to pay nearly $11K for goats stolen from North Shore farm

A man accused of stealing more than a dozen goats from a North Shore farm in 2013 has been ordered to pay nearly $11,000 in restitution.

George Makaniole was accused of stealing 19 goats from North Shore Livestock on Sept. 20, 2013. The ones that were left behind had ropes around their necks and duct tape covering their mouths.

“It had to be very traumatic for the animals,” North Shore Livestock co-owner Keal Pontin told KHON2 back in 2013. “They knew that they’d scream, so they were taping their mouths shut and they weren’t small guys. They were huffing them over fences and dragging them down hills.”

Makaniole pleaded no contest to a charge of livestock theft last August.

At a contested restitution hearing on March 30, 2016, Raia Olsen, a North Shore Livestock co-owner, and independent Oahu goat farmer Dan O’Brien testified that the fair market value for the stolen goats was $10,750.

On Thursday, Circuit Court Judge Colette Garibaldi ordered Makaniole to pay that amount to Olsen, Pontin, and co-owner Dan Olsen.

Two other men were also charged with livestock theft, however their cases were dismissed with prejudice last year after delays caused by late investigative reports and court congestion.

The farm previously told KHON2 that 23 goats had gone missing. Prosecutors say 19 goats were initially reported stolen, and the additional goats were not included in the police report.

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