‘Kid-preneurs’ test profit-making abilities at annual Lemonade Alley

They’re called “kid-preneurs,” kids who are entrepreneurs who give, and they were business-owners featured at the annual Lemonade Alley at Pearlridge Center on Saturday.

The teams gathered at the mall in Aiea, setting up their businesses in order to turn their profits over to charity of their choice.

The kids had to finance their shops on their own, create their recipes and run the business.

“From this experience, the best thing I learned was teamwork. Because this is my team and this my cast, so they’re my family,” said Quinn Tanaka, a participant in Lemonade Alley. “And we learned how to work together, fund everything, how to make our recipes and it was a really great experience.”

The underlying message, according to founder Steve Sue was that was all for charity.

“To have kids want to do business for the right reasons, which is charitable, help other people and have a good time doing it, but also support a good cause at the same time,” said Sue.

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