Former Uber driver indicted for allegedly raping teen

Update 1/31/17: The case against Luke Wadahara has been dismissed. View the full update here.

A former Uber driver has been indicted for allegedly raping a teenage girl.

Luke Wadahara, 24, was charged with two counts of first-degree sex assault and one count of attempted sex assault for an incident that occurred on Saturday, April 16.

According to court documents, the 16-year-old victim and her friends called for an Uber from the Ala Moana area and Wadahara responded, driving a black Dodge Charger with the license plate “SEXI.”

Police said he dropped the victim’s friends off first in Mililani, then drove back to Makiki with the teen. Police said he asked her if she was single, to which she replied she was, but not interested.

Police said Wadahara then took a detour, pulled over in an unknown area, and proceeded to sexually assault her. She eventually pushed him off, ran home and told her mother what happened, police said.

Wadahara’s bail was confirmed at $150,000, and he is scheduled to appear in court next Thursday.

An Uber spokeswoman says Wadahara was a contractor who passed a background check, and has since been deactivated from the Uber platform.

Spokeswoman Taylor Patterson released the following statement: “We are deeply saddened by this assault and we are urgently investigating exactly what happened. Our thoughts are with the victim and her family.”

She was not able to confirm whether Wadahara had prior complaints against him.

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