Problems at Honolulu Zoo’s municipal parking lot spark city council discussion

The parking lot at the Honolulu Zoo wasn’t too crowded Friday afternoon, but that isn’t always the case. Some days everyone from beachgoers to park users are struggling to find a spot. That’s just part of the reason Councilmember Trevor Ozawa introduced legislation that would put a three story parking garage where the parking lot now sits.

“I introduced this legislation because I wanted to come up with a creative idea to increase the amount of parking stalls available to park users. Kapiolani Park as well as the zoo that is within the park,” said Ozawa.

Ozawa says it will greatly benefit park and zoo patrons, and with more stalls bring in more money for the zoo, “This way we could potentially triple quadruple the amount of revenue it’s generated at that zoo parking lot and it will go back to the zoo.”

Ozawa says there would be better security and lighting with the new structure, and he thinks it would bring more people to the zoo, which is in the process of gaining back its accreditation due to funding issues.

“What this means also though for the average user is that you’re going to have the opportunity to visit the park in the zoo with an easier time to find parking. You’re also going to be more secure. I think the security measures that will be in place with the structure like that. I think you’ll feel more secure parking there,” Ozawa explained.

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