UH football star arrested again, accused of criminal property damage

Kennedy Tulimasealii

A University of Hawaii football star who is already on suspension is facing more legal troubles.

Kennedy Tulimasealii, 21, was arrested again Monday night and charged with criminal property damage.

The senior defensive lineman was arrested two weeks ago following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend.

A teammate, Kaaumoana Gifford, was also arrested during that incident, and both players were suspended from the team.

The criminal property damage charge stems from an incident that happened in March, before his first arrest, that was apparently just reported. HPD says Tulimasealii turned himself in and was booked just after 6 p.m.

Sources tell us Tulimasealii and his ex-girlfriend were in a car that was parked near the Hale Aloha Ilima dormitory at UH Manoa when the two started arguing. He then started punching the dashboard, damaging the radio and navigation instruments in the car. Police records show the total damage was more than $1,500.

Nanci Kreidman, CEO of the Domestic Violence Action Center, says there is often a pattern in many abuse cases.

“A person who is destroying a car is saying ‘I’m gonna do whatever I want to you and your stuff,’ which is scary to live with,” she said, “and so if somebody goes to the extent of destroying somebody’s property, it’s not too hard to imagine that they would carry it out further.”

Kreidman points out many victims have a difficult time reporting domestic violence crimes.

“Reporting is always a very big step. You want to think that this is going to go away, or that it’s not going to get any worse, or this is gonna be the only time,” Kreidman said.

We went to UH to ask about the new criminal charge, and a spokesman for the athletics department says there are no changes. Tulimasealii is still suspended.

UH will wait for the legal system to play itself out before making any decisions. The spokesman adds that while Tulimasealii is suspended, he is technically off the team.

Tulimasealii was released after posting bail of $20,000. His court date for the criminal property damage charge is set for Thursday.

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