Ask a Specialist: Summer Travel and the Athlete

With summer right around the corner, many of our young local athletes and their parents will be preparing for team travel. Athletes can face travel-related challenges; and Dr. Rachel Coel, medical director and staff physician at The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine, shares some tips to make the journey easier and safer for the players.


Travel concerns for athletes include:

  • Sleep deprivation from new time zone can increase risk of injury
  • Weather or altitude can affect athletic performance
  • Overpacking can increase load on shoulders and back
  • Not staying hydrated and getting nutrients can affect performance


Dr. Coel says athletes can prepare for traveling by packing for the weather of the destination, “stocking up” on sleep before the trip, preparing for time zone changes, and arriving well in advance to adapt to new location. Coaches, she advises you plan practices around the weather.


Packing suggestions are:

  • Mix and match clothing to reuse pieces and reduce weight
  • Small first-aid kit with bandages and medical tape
  • Storage bags for wet clothes or to make ice pack
  • Small cooler bag for healthy snacks
  • Compact universal USB travel charger


Dr. Coel and the team at The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine specialize in the treatment of sports-related and exercise-related injuries. They also help active people maximize performance and minimize injury.  To learn more, call them at (808) 691-4449 or click

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