GPA College Football Showcase Registration open for June camp

McKenzie Milton (Mililani) and Tua Tagovailoa (Saint Louis) accept Quarterback Co-MVP honors at the 2015 GPA Maximum Exposure Camp

Just less than two weeks after the NCAA lifted the ban on satellite camps, the GPA college football showcase is set and registration opened today.

Over 100 college coaches from around the nation are expected to participate in this year’s GPA college football showcase, which was formerly known as the Maximum Exposure Camp. Recruiters from the Pac 12, Mountain West Conference and Big Ten and others are scheduled to attend the camp.

Chad Ikei president of Ikei Sports Hawaii, AND Co-Director of GPA with Cover2 analyst Rich Miano, explained that the camp is developed for local kids to showcase their talents in front of a massive recruiting audience.

“The camp is really developed for alot of these players that go under the radar so they have an opportunity to showcase their skills, their talents, their physical intangibles, thier football IQ in front of these division I, D2 , D3 colleges,” said Ikei.

A picture perfect example of a cinderella story coming out of these camps is Jordan Iosefa who earned a USC scholarship after attending the GPA football camp.

“Jordan’s a great example he came over from Waipahu high school didn’t even play at Saint Louis, went to the camp,” said Ikei. “The kid has all the tools himself and he works very hard so he really earned his position but given the fact if he didn’t have that camp it would’ve been a lot harder for him to have gotten that recognition.”

The GPA college football showcase is set to take place June 10-12th at Ching Field at the University of Hawaii.

CLICK HERE for more information & registration

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