Meet the newest member of the Kauai prosecutor’s office

Ollie (Photo: Kauai County)

Kauai County’s Office of the Prosecuting Attorney introduced its newest member Tuesday.

Ollie is a one-and-a-half-year-old labrador retriever. He was trained by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii (ADH) to provide a comforting presence to victims and witnesses involved in stressful investigative and legal proceedings.

“Courthouse facility dogs like Ollie can help vulnerable victims and witnesses feel comfortable enough to tell their stories to investigators and in court while their cases proceed through a complicated and sometimes intimidating criminal justice system, while not affecting the fairness of the proceedings,” said Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar.

Ollie was specially bred, socialized and trained while at the ADH campus on Maui. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joanne Sheng will be Ollie’s handler and primary caretaker, and also recently completed a week-long intensive training with Ollie at the campus.

Ollie joins courthouse facility dogs Pono and Faith, who assist the prosecutor offices on Oahu and the Big Island, and Jake, the facility dog employed by the Honolulu Children’s Justice Center.

According to the Courthouse Dogs Foundation, there are currently 104 courthouse facility dogs working in 31 states.

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