Texas man claims dead rodent found in grandson’s soda bottle

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

(KPRC/CNN) — A Texas man says a dead rodent was found inside his grandson’s bottle of Dr. Pepper, but the grandfather and the soda company are at odds over what to do next.

John Graves says his 3-year-old grandson was drinking from the 20-oz. bottle and it wasn’t until the bottle was half-empty that anyone noticed what was inside.

It appears to be a rodent, a few inches long with beady eyes and a long tail.

Graves said the toddler didn’t finish the soda. The cap was put back on and it was the next day when the alleged discovery was made.

“You think of rabies, you think of dirty filthy rodents, what did he ingest?,” said Graves.

Graves says his son-in-law bought the soda from a gas station in Galveston. The owner of the store told KPRC that all of their bottles come sealed and if anything was inside, it came from the manufacturer.

But a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper says it’s virtually impossible for something to get into one of their bottles. Graves reached out to the company for answers, but wasn’t happy with their response.

“The response was, we’re gonna send you a box with the label,” he said. “Send it back to us, and in six to eight weeks, we’ll get a response back to you on what we figure out.

“I want to get that rat tested, see where it came from, how it got there and if there’s really any medical concerns that we need to be worried about.”

Dr. Pepper says it offered to send a courier to pick up the bottle for testing by a third-party forensics lab, but Graves rejected the request.

The company says it cannot do a full investigation unless it can review the bottle.

The family took the little boy to the pediatrician, where blood and urine samples were taken. They’ve contacted both the state and the Centers for Disease Control.

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