UH football standouts plead not guilty to charges

University of Hawaii football defensive standout Kennedy Tulimasealii was back in an Oahu courtroom Tuesday morning, where he pleaded not guilty to assault, harassment, and resisting arrest charges.

Tulimasealii was accompanied by a number of family and friends as he left the courtroom.

His attorney Michael Green says the public has only heard the charges the prosecution has introduced. “We’re going to have the opportunity to say our side,” Green said. “I’ve spoken with the witnesses and I don’t agree with what the prosecution has to say about this. But the important thing is to try to resolve this, so he can go on with his life in a professional way.”

Tulimasealii’s teammate, Kaaumoana Gifford, was not in court, but his attorney appeared on his behalf, pleading not guilty to the harassment and resisting arrest charge.

Paul Cunney says his client will take responsibility for what has happened and that they should be able to get the case wrapped up in a month’s time, allowing Gifford to return to the team. “He’s allowed to get a deferred plea,” Cunney said, “and if it is granted, the cases will eventually be dismissed, sealed and expunged. He will have no criminal record whatsoever.”

Tulimasealii was arrested in April following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend. Gifford was arrested that same day in relation to the altercation.

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