Historic windows damaged as cathedral suffers 2nd act of vandalism in two weeks

A church in downtown Honolulu turned into a crime scene after vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage.

We’ve learned it’s not the first time St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Queen Emma Square has been hit.

Church officials say this is the second case of vandalism in less than two weeks.

The most recent incident happened Tuesday night. Church officials say someone threw large stones through two of the cathedral’s oldest windows.

Damage is estimated at $16,000.

The church was closed Wednesday and officials had to cancel an evening event.

Church officials say they will make repairs, but don’t understand why someone would damage the cathedral.

“We pray for that person. We forgive that person, but it’s disheartening to see something as beautiful as our stain glass get damaged like that. We hope it’s not a trend,” said Rev. Walter Brownridge.

The church was also vandalized last week Monday. Someone walked in and damaged furniture and the church’s harpsichord and other equipment, causing about $5,000 in damage.

Police arrested someone in that case.

As for the broken windows, the reverend says church officials are working with a stained glass artist to piece them back together using glass shards collected off the ground.

saint andrews cathedral

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