Investigation underway after tires slashed on dozens of vehicles

Photo: Ida Sunia

Police are investigating after more than a dozen vehicles had their tires slashed.

On Tuesday, officers were called to an area along Nuuanu Avenue, where seven vehicles suffered tire damage.

Then Wednesday morning, officers were called to N. Kuakini Street, where they found seven more vehicles with tire damage.

Nuku Palu was about to go to work when he discovered damage to both his car and his roommate’s car.

“I came out and looked at my tires. Both tires were flat. These two right here almost came off the wheel this side,” he told KHON2. “The only thing I told my roommate was I want to find the person who did that.”

Victims told KHON2 all of their tires need to be replaced.

Police have opened criminal property cases, but no arrests have been made.

At this point, police say they’re not sure whether the two are connected.

Anyone with information on these cases is asked to call police.

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