Virginia restaurant fires employees for inappropriate comments on receipt

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA/CNN) — The head chef of a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Va. plans to fire his daughter and three other employees after a diner found an inappropriate message on his receipt.

Peter Chang’s Chinese cuisine has a reputation for repeat customers. According to its website, the restaurant operates seven locations in Virginia and Maryland.

“The food is always very good. It’s different,” said customer Steve Slye. “The spice is great.”

But one customer’s food came with a receipt that included two extra lines describing the customer as a “plad (sic) a**” and “i have a small p**.”

According to, who contacted one of the diners, the incident began when a member of the group questioned how the rice was supposed to be served  — in one large bowl versus individual bowls.

The diner said that person had lived in China for five years and spoke Mandarin, but was not Chinese.

Chang himself speaks very little English, but the restaurant’s co-founder, Gen Lee, told WJLA that the workers “were supposed to never be capable to do it. I was so shocked.”

Lee translated a letter written by Chang that said he is firing four people, including his daughter, who is a manager.

“According to the assistant manager, they say they’ve been doing this,” Lee said.

Chang says he will have consultants help improvement the management at the Arlington location.

“They could have put something nice. They could have said, ‘Well, I’m sorry you were disappointed, but we enjoyed working with you today’ or ‘We enjoyed serving you today,'” said customer Michael Zuiker.

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