Tires slashed on dozens of parked vehicles along Date Street

Another night, another act of vandalism targeting Oahu drivers.

More car tires were slashed overnight early Friday on Date Street. Honolulu police say about two dozen cars were damaged.

All the cars that were hit were parked on the makai side of the street near Ala Wai Golf Course. In most cases, it was a single tire from each car on the front passenger side

This is the third such incident in over a week. Last week, seven cars were damaged on Nuuanu Street on Tuesday, and seven more on Kuakini Street on Wednesday.

Police said it is unknown if the three cases are all connected, but Friday’s incident is being investigated as a felony case because of the amount of damage that was done.

Jeremy Shigekane is one of many car owners whose Friday got off to a bad start.

“We came home last night at about 1:30, so it had to be after that,” Shigekane said.

“Definitely not parking here again. I learned my lesson,” said Alli Oshida.

It’s an expensive lesson for many of those whose vehicles were vandalized. KHON2 learned that replacing each tire will cost $200-$300, sometimes more.

date street slashed tire

Because the tires were damaged on the outer edge rather than the inner part, none of them can be fixed. Every one of them will have to be replaced.

“Somebody must be really angry for no reason, because it doesn’t make sense,” said Oshida. “They’re just regular people’s cars, nobody who’s done anything, so it’s really frustrating.”

Liberty Towing stuck around to help some of the victims, either to put on a spare tire or get the tire fixed.

Manager Amber Le said whoever did this got it done fast with a “very, very sharp knife. They probably manipulated it in some kind of way to make it sharper and it has to be really easy. It could even be like a sharpened screwdriver.”

HPD is investigating the incident as criminal property damage in the second degree, which is a felony because the total damage exceeded the threshold of $1,500. Felonies are punishable by up to five years in prison.

Car owners, like Kai Yonashiro, are baffled that someone would want to cause so much damage. “We just need to stop this,” said Yonashiro. “It’s just ridiculous, so much cruelty. I’m just not happy with this.”

Police are following up on possible leads, but ask anyone with information to call police or CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.

In the meantime, they advise car owners to try and park in well-lit areas.

Unfortunately, not much can be done to avoid having to replace a tire.

“You just gotta catch this guy, whoever’s doing it,” Jim Baldauf Sales Manager at Lex Brodie’s. “There’s not much you can do, because you’ve got to park your car somewhere.”

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