Attempted contraband run thwarted by Hawaii Island correctional staff

Sloan Deleon

An inmate at the Hale Nani Reintegration Center was caught trying to bring contraband into his dorm Saturday morning.

At approximately 11 a.m., Sloan Deleon was seen running out of a dorm and up a hillside. The dorm was put on lockdown status while corrections officers immediately gave chase, calling out his name in the woods.

A few minutes later, Deleon was noticed further down the perimeter, running back to the dorm and carrying a silver bag. He was seen climbing in through a window.

A headcount and shakedown was then conducted. All inmates were accounted for and the silver bag was recovered, which contained candy, tobacco and what appeared to be marijuana.

The lockdown was lifted at about 1 p.m. The contraband situation is under investigation.

Deleon was transported to the Hawaii Community Correctional Center. He could face contraband possession-related charges as well as attempted escape for leaving the dorm unauthorized.

He is serving time for Theft 2 and Prohibited Acts Related to Drug Paraphernalia. Deleon is a community custody inmate. Community custody is the lowest classification status.

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