Daughter of dog breeder speaks about horrific conditions in Kahaluu house

Lydia Montgomery

It’s a heartbreaking story as 34 dogs were rescued from filthy conditions in a Kahaluu home Saturday evening.

Police arrested part-time breeder James Montgomery for animal cruelty and was subsequently released pending investigation.

His daughter, 20-year-old Lydia Montgomery, was the one who first alerted police of the dire situation and spoke exclusively to KHON2 on camera Sunday.

Police described the conditions at the Montgomery house as “bad … similar to a sewage smell.”

But Lydia Montgomery said conditions were much, much worse.

“The ones in the basement at the house, was a little less…a little less like hell.”

She said there were at least 12 dogs upstairs with several dozens more in the basement. “The ones below, it was very slippery in there,” she said. “It was coated with dog feces. There were no windows, absolutely no light in there. It was pitch black.

“There was this foul smell. You’ll never forget it. It makes your spine and whole body shake with utter disgust.”

Montgomery lives at home. Besides alerting police, she also helped the Hawaiian Humane Society with the rescue Saturday night.

“I wanted help. I always wanted help, for a long time.”

Authorities found two dogs in the trash bin, one of them shot to death. “When I went down there to see the dog in the trash bag for the first time, there were tears in his eyes. He said that, he was embarrassed.”

In 2005, more than 60 dogs were confiscated from the Kahaluu house by the Hawaiian Humane Society. James Montgomery pleaded guilty to 55 counts of animal cruelty. A judge’s ruling allowed him to reclaim all of his dogs, but he was also ordered to sell them.

When asked did anything change afterwards, Lydia Montgomery said “No, it got worse.”

She said that she’s spoken to her father.

“I wanted to report that. I wanted them to seize the animals in the basement, just to get my dad to think twice about what he’s doing.”

Montgomery said the dogs seized from their home were labrador retrievers, Boston terriers, pugs, and a chihuahua named Angel.

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