Hawaii Kai family brings aloha spirit to ‘Family Feud’

**UPDATE: Tune into “Family Feud” on Thursday, Oct. 27, at 11:30 a.m. on KHON2 to see how they did.**

A Hawaii Kai family is in Atlanta getting ready to compete on the game show “Family Feud.”

KHON2 met with the Schaefers last week, when they were still practicing and planning for their trip.

On Thursday, they take on another family on the show.

The Schaefers say “Family Feud” is their favorite game show and the kids all grew up watching it.

Their close bond is evident as soon as you meet them.

Their outgoing, bubbly personalities shine just as vibrantly in person as in the audition video they submitted online: “Hi, welcome from Hawaii! My name is Dr. Ron Schaefer and this is the Schaefer family!”

That clip got the attention of the casting directors of the popular game show.

On the show, two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions.

Parents Ron and Kathy, both doctors, and kids, Eric, Renee, and Amber, say they’ve been testing their skills by using the Family Feud app on Facebook.

“So you guys are going to win?” KHON2 asked.

“Yeah, as you can tell, confidence is key,” Renee replied.

“This has been my dream to be on this show, so it just taught me for anything that I want to do, you just have to pursue it,” Amber said.

The family says the show pays for their flights and hotel stay, but they extended their trip so they could see other family members in Atlanta.

The Schaefers say they want to win, but they’re also there to just have fun.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to do something fun as a family, and potentially win some money,” Ron said.

If they do win, the family has decided that the kids will split the money three ways.

Their advice for getting picked to be on the show is to have fun in your audition video, shoot a lot of takes, and make sure you have a good editor. (Son Eric believes his rapping helped too!)

schaefer family

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