Health department hits Haleiwa restaurant with cease-and-desist order

The Hawaii Department of Health says a new North Shore restaurant poses an imminent threat to public health.

The department’s Wastewater Branch issued a Notice of Violation, Permit Suspension and Order to Haleiwa Beach House restaurant, formerly known as Jameson’s by the Sea.

The problem, health officials say, is that the restaurant’s current wastewater system is only authorized for a capacity of 114 people. Recent expansion increased its seating capacity to serve up to 388 people and overloaded the system.

“Unfortunately, the recent expansion of this restaurant was completed without the necessary state and county approvals and as a result, the wastewater system cannot adequately handle the expanded capacity of the restaurant,” said Stuart Yamada, Environmental Management Division administrator.

According to health officials, the system was first inspected on May 3, and the business was cited.

When health inspectors went back for followup inspections on May 16-19, tests confirmed the system was spilling wastewater onto neighboring property, including a fish pond owned by Kamehameha Schools that is used by children for educational purposes.

“They were initially issued the citation and they’ve been mulling over their potential corrective actions, but based on the new evidence we have, basically the field test, it was felt that basically represents imminent threat to public health,” Yamada explained.

The school has already suspended activities there until the matter is resolved.

The restaurant, which is owned by prominent developer and former John Dominis owner Andy Anderson, was ordered to cease operations until the matter is fixed. It can also contest the notice.

Building permit applications submitted to the City & County of Honolulu require review and approval of plans for wastewater systems by the DOH Wastewater Branch for properties that are not serviced by the City and County’s sewer system.

The branch says it will continue to work with the business to develop an acceptable plan of correction.

We reached out to Anderson for comment, but he declined to speak to us.

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