Mazie Hirono previews “Hawaii on the Hill” on Wake Up 2day

The third annual Hawaii on the Hill is a two day event that puts a national spotlight on our Island businesses in our nation’s capital. One of the event founders, US Senator Mazie Hirono, previews the June 7 – 8 event.

In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, the two-day itinerary includes historical tours, a welcome reception at the historic President Woodrow Wilson House, a comprehensive legislative policy summit on Capitol Hill, and caps off with a “Taste of Hawaii on the Hill” event, showcasing Hawaii’s foods, culture and industries to more than 1,000 members of Congress, national association executives and other representatives.

More than 50 organizations statewide have signed up to join Hawaii on the Hill, representing a wide variety of industries and sectors. Chef Sam Choy will join Hawaii on the Hill for the first time, in partnership with Tiki Shark Art on the Hawaii Island. “The always-entertaining Chef Sam is a pioneer of Pacific Rim Cuisine and will be an exciting part of Hawaii on the Hill,” says Sen. Hirono, who is also the overall chair of this effort.

She says the highlight of the event is the policy summit, “a real opportunity to connect Hawaii business with federal agencies and to discuss policy issues and to share the unique aspects of doing business in Hawaii with national leaders.”

In political news, Sen. Hirono shares the content of some of the discussions at the Hawaii Democratic Party state convention last weekend. She reinforces that she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter, but admits Bernie Sanders has a lot of support here.

She says she isn’t excited about Donald Trump now being the presumptive Republican nominee for President. “Trump goes against everything our country stands for,” says Sen. Hirono.

As for the local races, US Congressman Mark Takai recently announced he isn’t running for reelection. “I expect a number of candidates will formally announce they are running in the coming days,” she says of the upcoming vacancy.

“I think Colleen Hanabusa is filling today and I’ll support her. I’d like someone who can hit the ground running and I’d like to work with her again as a colleague,” concludes Senator Hirono.

She also reflects on her Congressman Takai’s decision. “He made a difficult personal decision. I think of him as a younger brother. I’ve worked with him over two decades.”

The Third Annual Hawaii on the Hill is on June 7 and 8 in Washington, DC. For more information and to register to participate in Hawaii on the Hill, visit the Chamber’s website at

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