City says valves working properly despite Mapunapuna flooding

It’s flooding in Mapunapuna, but not because of heavy rain.

Instead it appears an old problem has returned. A business owner reached out to Action Line looking for help.

We first reported the problem Sunday. When the tide is high, ocean water comes through the storm drains and floods the area.

Some have even seen fish swimming on land.

Gary Shim owns Commercial Colors on Kilihau Street. He says the flooding on his street started a few years ago, after the city installed duck valves on nearby Ahua Street to keep the high tide at bay.

“It’s a pain. It’s a big-time pain,” Shim told KHON2. “I drive a truck. It’ll get halfway to the door, so it’s all up in my brakes and rims and everything.”

Business owners in the Mapunapuna area say several streets are affected by the high tide and they, along with drivers, have learned to deal with it.

Rod Ho of Aloha Radiator has a high tide calendar and “I try to tell customers not come when the tide is high,” he said.

Business owners say it’s a problem that recently appeared again, including this past weekend. Ahua Street was covered in about two and a half feet of water Sunday.

“We noticed that all the way up to the edge of these trucks, we had debris, so we know the water came to the edge of the trucks,” said Dan Nakandakari, U-Haul shop manager.

“We tried calling the city and all they do is bounce you around from department to department. No one really has the answer,” Shim said.

So we contacted the city to find out what’s going on.

A city crew inspected the valves on Monday and found out they are working.

A city spokesperson says it rained over the weekend, which could have contributed to the problem.

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