New project replaces the state capitol roof

State Capitol

If you’re at the capitol and you look up, the first thing you see is the open roof surrounded by blue mosaic tiles.

Tiles that have been a problem for years. In many places the tiles have had to be replaced. As part of the state’s upcoming project to fix the capitol’s roof, the tiles will be replaced with a blue plaster finish, which contractors say will reduce maintenance. As for the outer part of the roof. That’s going to be ripped up as well.

Cathy Chin, the Legislative/Public Information Officer for the Department of Accounting and General Services says, “The existing roof membrane system is 34 years old and at the end of its service life. There have been roof leaks over the years which have been patched as they occurred, but it’s time for it to be replaced.”

The job will cost the state $6.7 million, and is set to start next month. The project will be completed in December of 2017. The contractor Index Builders has been selected for the job. The new roof will carry with it a 20-year warranty, and maintenance is expected to be reduced. The state Historic Preservation Division will watch over the project.


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