No Little Fire Ants in Mililani Mauka one year after treatments

Good news for residents in Mililani Mauka.

Pest detection crews returned to the neighborhood Thursday to make sure Little Fire Ants discovered back in 2014 are gone.

They tested 21 residences on two streets, and results all came back negative.

Since the detection of LFA in June 2014, the six-acre area was treated eight times with pesticides and bait formulas in six-week intervals. The last treatment was conducted in May 2015.

Subsequent checks found no sign of the ants.

“It’s important that we get 100-percent cooperation from the residents,” said Derek Arakaki, Department of Agriculture. “That’s the reason we were successful. The residents were very cooperative.”

The state will continue to monitor the area for the next two years.

LFA are an aggressive and invasive species that pack a painful sting.

If you think you have an infestation, you’re urged to collect a sample and let the Department of Agriculture know.

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