Texas mother delivers baby with help from 911 dispatcher

Allison Marquardt and her children (Photo: KTVT/CNN)

FORT WORTH, Texas (KTVT/CNN) — A Texas mother suddenly went into labor with no one around to help her.

Allison Marquardt called 911, and said, “I’m in labor and I have a history of precipitous labor.”

At first, MedStar 911 operator Kate Gillinger thought the call was routine.

“I thought it was just going to be one of those we get there we transport and then we go to the hospital, but it didn’t turn out that way,” Gillinger said.

“I called 911 and was like, ‘I don’t think anyone’s going to get here in time.’ It was scary,” Marquardt said.

Though in tears, she managed to keep herself breathing deeply and remained as calm as she could.

Dispatcher: Are you alone?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: I want you to assume the most comfortable position and take deep breaths between your contractions.

Marquardt laid down on her bedroom floor as Gillinger began helping her through the birth.

Dispatcher: Let me know when the baby is completely out.
Caller: (Cries in pain)
Dispatcher: Let me know what’s happening, okay?

“You know that makes you a little nervous when things don’t go quite as quickly as you want them to,” Gillinger said. “I can’t imagine doing that by yourself and experiencing that alone.”

“I was a little freaked out, but there wasn’t anything different I could have done,” Marquardt said.

Caller: Oh! He’s out.
Dispatcher: He’s out?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Is the baby crying or breathing?
(Baby cries)
Dispatcher: Okay, good! I hear that!

“She did magnificent. She was the perfect caller,” Gillinger said. “It’s good to know he’s okay.”

Marquardt and her newborn, Augustine, are home and in good health thanks to the helpful voice on the other end of the phone line.

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