Chilling surveillance video puts second man at scene of Kalihi victim’s death

Honolulu police returned Thursday to the scene of a man’s death in Kalihi.

What authorities initially reported as an “accident” is now classified as “criminal” as the incident involved a shooting.

First responders were called at around 5 p.m. Wednesday to Waterhouse Street.

Police initially said the 36-year-old, identified by the medical examiner as Kyen Knowles, drove into a parking stall and started to get out, not realizing the vehicle was still in gear. He fell down, and the car ran him over, police said Wednesday.

Knowles was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Emergency Medical Services.

Now, chilling new evidence reveals more of what happened. Surveillance video indicates another man was present.

“When we responded to scene, it was determined by homicide investigators that there was additional information that we discovered and now we believe it is not a simple motor vehicle collision,” said Lt. Phillip Lavarias, Honolulu Police Department.

KHON2 watched the video, which is too graphic for us to air publicly.

It shows a man wearing a white shirt driving a red vehicle. He parks on Waterhouse Street and calmly walks toward the car Knowles was driving.

As Knowles reverses the vehicle, the man walks to the passenger side, pulls out what appears to be a gun, and fires into the vehicle.

Knowles immediately falls out of the driver’s side door and is then run over by his own car.

The man walks to the driver’s side, looks down, then heads back to his vehicle and takes off.

Police confirmed Thursday that a weapon was fired, but would not say whether Knowles was actually shot.

Investigators returned to speak to witnesses and gather more evidence.

“I heard something loud, like a ‘boom,’ like that,” said a witness who lives nearby. “Then I look outside and I saw the car going back.”

At around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, the case was handed over from traffic investigators to homicide detail.

The case was reclassified as an “unattended death” on Thursday and re-reclassified as “homicide” on Friday. View the full update here.

police in kalihi

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