Chance encounter results in needed funds for poor Tennessee teen, mother

(WHBQ/CNN) — A Tennessee teen’s life is about to change forever, thanks to a stranger who is helping him and his mother get back on their feet.

Every now and then, a chance meeting changes lives. It’s an emotional story of fate that began at a Memphis Kroger when Chauncy Black went up to a complete stranger named Matthew Michael White.

“Something told me to go there and ask this guy if I can help take his groceries to the car,” the 15-year-old said.

In exchange for Matt buying Chauncy donuts for dinner, Matt felt compelled to take Chauncy on a shopping spree. He learned the teenager is a straight-A student who does odd jobs to support his sick mom.

But when Matt dropped Chauncy off at home, what he saw brought him to tears. He saw that he and his mother had nothing. “Just felt this overwhelming humility for his situation,” he said.

Matt wrote about his meeting on Facebook and started a Go Fund Me page for Chauncy.

The whole world apparently fell in love with the soft-spoken teen who’d never had a chance. In just two weeks, they raised more than $90,000.

They say guardian angels come in all forms, but while Chauncy says this angel saved him, Matt says it’s the other way around.

“It’s like a whole new purpose in life,” he said.

As of Saturday, the “Chauncy’s Chance” Go Fund Me page has raised more than $207,000.

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