Mixed Plate: Lovable felines gather at Cat Cafe

More than 500 people showed up at Ward Warehouse Saturday morning, hoping to get their hands on a real bargain.

The line of people snaked from the middle of the Diamond Head structure, around the building, and nearly to Auahi Street.

Pamela Young tells us what the fuss was all about, with some inspired help from Dr. Seuss…

“Look at this, look at that,”
said the Cat in the Hat
“There are cats by the door,
Cats all over the floor!”

cat cafe-2

You’re asking yourself, for this, there’s a reason?
It just happens to be feline breeding season!

So Boutique Mori By Art and Flea
paired with the Humane Society
to show off the kitties in a fine display
At the first ever pop-up Cat Cafe!

There were cookies and punch
and a fine bit of lunch
to celebrate June,
It’s “Love a Cat” month!

And to make sure the pusses have a chance to be saved,
all adoption fees today have been waived.

cat cafe-3

They’re hoping these folks will come away smitten
with a tabby or tiger or calico kitten.

If you happened to miss this special event,
there really is no need to lament.
There are more furry friends just waiting for you
at the shelter on Waialae Avenue.

There’s a wonderful end to this Cat in the Hat story,
the pop-up cafe emptied its inventory!
For another cafe, they’re setting a date,
so for now, I’m Pamela Young, and that’s a Mixed Plate!

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