Speed limit signs on Likelike Highway get an illegal makeover

Someone has changed the speed limit signs on Likelike Highway in both directions.

Stickers have been placed to change the 35-mile per hour limit down to 25. They’re on signs from Kula Kolea past Kamehameha IV housing on either side of the Likelike.

Some residents are not surprised. “I hear a lot of modified import cars or motorcycles speeding up and down Likelike, like extremely fast, and it’s reckless, endangering innocent people, which is surprising because there’s a police station right here and a lot of cops go in and out, but still they speed up and down Likelike.”

likelike highway signs 25 mph

No one is certain how long the signs have been “modified,” but the Kalihi Neighborhood Board guesses the perpetrator may have taken a cue from signs legally dropped from 35 to 25 near school construction.

Another concern in the neighborhood has been the timing of lights at various intersections. “It’s a larger intersection,” said one resident, “so it takes more time to traverse, and because we have an older demographic, it’s not enough time for them to traverse the intersection.”

No matter what the reason, Tim Sakahara from the state Dept. of Transportation said the signs should be left alone.

“Defacing, vandalizing, altering or damaging highway signs is a criminal offense punishable by law,” he said. “It can also prove to be dangerous and costly.”

So while some residents might prefer a lower speed limit, changing the signs will not change the situation.

“If people had any issues, it would be better to go through channels, such as raising the concern to the neighborhood board, rather than vandalizing and acting on a vigilante level,” Sakahara said.

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