California driver arrested for DUI, body stuck in windshield

(KFMB/CNN) — A California woman is under arrest after police say she hit a man walking on the sidewalk, then drove with him stuck in her car’s windshield.

Police say 29-year-old Oceanside resident Esteysi Sanchez was driving along Mission Avenue Monday morning at around 6:25 when she apparently lost control, fatally striking a 69-year-old man.

The impact was so intense, the victim’s body crashed like a projectile through Sanchez’s windshield and remained lodged against the front passenger seat.

But even more shocking, Sanchez failed to stop and continued driving for about a mile, with the mortally injured man stuck in the smashed windshield.

Police say Sanchez then abandoned the 2006 Pontiac near her home and ran off screaming, attracting the attention of neighbors who then called authorities with Sanchez’s description. Police quickly located her and took her into custody.

What’s still not clear is exactly how impaired Sanchez was or how long she had allegedly been drinking before getting behind the wheel. An officer said “We don’t know yet what her activity was prior to that, but if someone had been out drinking until two o’clock in the morning and you get into a fatal collision at six o’clock in the morning, there is a lot of time that is unaccounted for.”

Esteysi Sanchez faces charges of DUI, gross vehicular manslaughter, and hit-and-run causing death.

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