Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai: Keeping our Pets Safe this Summer

Dr. Joseph Edhlund from Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai wants to keep your pets happy and healthy this summer! If you are hiking with your pet, bring water! . Some big dogs don’t know when to stop. If you are walking you little dog his legs are only 8 inches long. Yours are 3 feet.

Black dogs are worse because they absorb heat. Short-nose dogs like bulldogs and pugs are really bad at getting rid of heat.  If your bulldog or pug is noisy breathing he needs help -long before going out to exercise. Dogs should not breathe noisily. It is like breathing through a straw.  Surgery can help these dogs. Dogs dissipate heat through panting – not sweating. Dogs don’t sweat. Solution to all of these is get to the Vet NOW! If your dog seems distressed get in NOW!! They need help or they can die.


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